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● Automate Backup Service.
● Restoring Deleted Vouchers.
● 1 TB Cloud Backup Storage.
● Multi-Factor Authentication.
● Direct VPN Peer to Peer connection.
● Root Access to your individual server.
● 100% free from Ransomware and Brute-Force Attacks.
● Smooth Work Experience instead of Remote Server Access.
● Straight Import & export from Cloud to Local Storage.
● Trouble-free Audit Trial reports such as Login and Logoff.
● Trouble-free Bank Payment Alerts & Quick Search on Vouchers.
● 100% Software Compliance of Tally End User License Agreement.
● 15 minutes SLA to respond your query via Telegram Application.
● Recycle Bin - Restore the Tally entries, in case of inadvertent deletion
● Acknowledge and use of digital Signature USB, Bar-Code Scanner & Dot-Matrix Printer.
● Fast Support & Live Health Monitoring of Tally Server and notification via telegram, Gmail or Slack.
● Supremacy Servers - Meeting datacenter compliance of SSAE16, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO-27001, POPI, NESA, SAMA, ERP, Oracle ERP, SAP B1 and SAP HANA.
● Comprehensive Dashboard and Tally Analytical Reports on Outstanding, Sales/Purchases, Client Profile, Inventory Item Profile, Inactive Clients & Stocks on any device.

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Get A Glimpse Of The Features Of What Makes Us Different From Other Tally Cloud Providers.

Recycle Bin

The only Cloud Tally Service that provides recycle bin which enables you to restore your Tally data in case of Accidental Deletion easily.


Enterprise-class compute capability deployed on highly-available computer software know as the Remote Desktop Protocol Accessing Application, provides the performance, capacity and experience that of desktop software.

Storage Backup

Cloud Storage provides customers with high functioning, scalable storage space with a performance-based Server. Its feebleness ensures that importing and exporting to localized drive, automated backup - both cloud and localized data and localized DSC to cloud.


Every customer is linked to an individual server thus providing full security by constraining access from others and certain IP addresses. As all Tally entries are encrypted with commercial enterprise standard such as AES, 3DES, RSA-768 1024, DH768-1024.

Cloud Tally As A Desktop

Our Cloud Tally can be distributed on any device to any location while retaining the desktop experience. So, bring in collaboration your desktops and data into a centrally managed secure Cloud Tally Solution.

Disaster Recovery

Fully-managed Disaster Recovery Solution provides the necessary monitoring to ensure the recovery of accidental data deletion. Backed by an industry-leading 15- minute retrieval SLA ensures that your business will continue to function even in the event of a disaster.


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We focus on accelerating your business performance with our migration, automation, and data optimization expertise. We also offer security services to keep you safe from hackers!

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User Friendly

Real Time Data

Our Cloud Tally offers real time entree that prevents data mismatch during sync. As it's lively health monitoring ensures that your work is at its optimum state.

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Print Locally

Tally on Cloud allows printing on Local printers and even Dot-Matrix printers by accessing it through online connectivity. You can print from one location to another location without any fuss.

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Local Backup

Our modern Backup mechanism lets you import or export your data to your local backup devices. The mechanism works both manually and can also be automated on a scheduled time.

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The Next - Gen Cloud Tally
Professional Customers

Introducing Tally on Cloud - An innovative solution from the pioneers of remote computing, data center & thin clients. Free yourself from the hassles of buying, managing and upgrading servers and desktops. utilization of Tally on Cloud to run Tally & other office applications; anytime, anywhere on any devices.
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24/7 Run Time

Instant Support & Alerts

Our cloud servers are backed up by power supply making it run 24/7 with an uptime of 99.98% for uninterrupted workflow. Our 15 minutes SLA offers quick response to your query via Telegram Chat App,ticketing system, Email. The best of all is the Live Health Alerts on your Tally Server which will be notified to you via telegram, Email or Slack.

What Is Tally On Cloud?

Tally on Cloud allows users to execute their operations on a wider scale. Users can now approach their database from anywhere in the world from any device at anytime. Moreover, there is no issue with the storage space either. Users can get as much storage as they want on the cloud platform. Also, multiple users can work in collaboration from remote locations. Users with the proper credentials can well access the accounts & start working. This is even much more economical than the conventional tally as well.

How Does Tally Works On Cloud?

Tally on Cloud serves Tally Desktop Application over Cloud. With proper internet connectivity, users can access Tally on Cloud with their Username and Password using Client from their device. With Tally on the Cloud admin panel, your Administrators can well manage Tally on Cloud Users, Data, Printers, backups, etc.

Does Support Have Separate Charges?

No. It is free of cost. We support 15/6(7 am to 10 pm IST) with 30 minutes of response SLA

Is Tally Licenses Provided When Purchasing Tally Secure Cloud?

No, as per the guidelines of Tally Solutions, you need to have your own Tally license to work in your companies created in Tally. It would be against Tally solutions to use a one license for multiple customers and we totally agree with rule of thumb as set by Tally solutions to avoid problems that could affect our customer’s usage.

How Do I Access My Tally Application And Data From A Distinct Location?

The software requires a cloud server, a device, and an Internet connection.



Our server partners are purported and leading CSP companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware by EC.


Users can export the data from Tally to their local desktop / laptops applications such as Excel, PDF, Image format straight to their local machine disk. This ensures your Tally reports never save in Remote Server Disk and no one can access your Tally reports.


MAC ID & IP Bind Security System allows the next-generation firewalls, anti-virus, Trojan, anti-malware and ransomware protection on a fully-managed basis. Our 256bit encryption layer between your Cloud Server to PC prevents hacker or other firms from stealing your data. As every Tally works in its own work-area, devising it very secure and a authentic source for accounting.

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