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DDOS Attack?

A Denial of Service attack is a malicious attempt to disturb the availability of a targeted environment in the Application and Infrastructural layer to initiate the poor experience for the end user intentionally. In general, it affects the Network(Layer 3), Transport(Layer 4), Presentation(Layer 6) and pplication(Layer 7) from the OSI model.


How To Prevent DDOS Attack?

SIDCORPTECH helps you to manage all the intrusions and prevent your
application or website away from these malicious attacks. Our professional
analyze and perform security audits. We implement industrial Firewalls which
have the capability to prevent from the DDOS attacks.


What Is Impact On DDOS Attack?

In simple terms, attackers make huge requests to the website and make the server busy and spikes the environmental resource. This makes the website slowness or hanged and affects the end user leads to make them feel terrible experience when accessing your website or application. End users hates your website and then prefer to go to any other application or website.


Our Expertise

How We Assist Our Clients


Through CloudFlare we will protect your websites and network from attacks while ensuring performance for legitimate traffic.

AWS Shield

The deployment of AWS Shield allows our team to easily detect and automate mitigations that minimize application downtime with requests.

Web Application Firewall

With a Web Application Firewall, we can detect and mitigate web application layer DDOS attacks by inspecting traffic inline.

Anycast Network Diffusion

The team will use Anycast, a distributed system that uses multiple data centers to prevent one from location.


Why Choose Us

How To Prevent DDOS Attack

● AWS Shield
● CloudFlare
● Conducting VAPT
● Web Application Firewall
● Any cast network diffusion
● Suggestions in Application
● Verifying all routing and DNS

Who performs DDOS attack and Why?

● Competitors
● Supremacy
● Testing
● Revenge
● For Fun
● Politics
● Cyber War
● Many more reasons

Types of DDOS attack

● HTTP Flood
● Syn Flood
● DNS Flood
● UDP Flood
● ICMP Flood
● Ping Flood
● Cache ByPass

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What Is Layer 7 DDoS Attacks?

Layer 7 provides an Application layer that does not create a high request to the website traffic but it affects the website terribly.

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What Is An HTTP Flood Attack?

An HTTP flood attack is a volumetric, application layer attack designed to overwhelm a server with HTTP requests

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What Is The Difference Between Bots And Botnets?

Bots are programs that perform automated, repetitive tasks. Botnets are a group of connected devices that run a bot or multiple bots.

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What Does A Web Application Firewall Do (WAF)?

A WAF is a security solution that is used to monitor, filter, or block inbound and outbound web application traffic.

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