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Why Should I Use Amazon VPC??

Amazon VPC enables you to frame a virtual network in the AWS cloud - no VPNs, hardware, or forceful datacenters required. You can specify your network pace and contain how your network and the Amazon EC2 resources privileged your network are open to the Internet. You can besides leverage the enhanced security system selection in Amazon VPC to render to a greater extent granular access to and from the Amazon EC2 case in your virtual network.

What Services Does Amazon Cloud Offer??

Amazon Web Services offer a range of cloud services such as power computing, database storage, content delivery, application integration, managed search, real time data streams, etc.

How Do You Ensure Quality In Your AWS Web Services??

Our AWS cloud developers are determined to produce quality code. We have a conventional procedure to maintain quality below tight control, allow periodic code critique and figure walkthrough. We concentrate on state first-time proper and trust the innovation step itself should be secure.

Why Is AWS Better For My Requirements Than Other Cloud Providers??

AWS suits your requirements better as it comprises services ranging from infrastructure technologies such as compute, storage and databases to emerging technologies such as ML, AI and IoT. AWS use services such as Amazon SQS Queues, Amazon Kinesis Streams and AWS Lambda procedure to enable a quiet and elastic data collection stream.


Migration Service

AWS Cloud migration needs skillfulness in construction for scale, automation, and agile tech, failure resilient edifice, security top-grade practices and a well defined understanding of the existing environs. As AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we place you on a well-defined migration route kickoff with a precise assessment, riding into plan of action to minimize interruption and time-tested methodologies to ensure high performance. From migration, lift and shift, and optimization to automation, we are the prominent partners of many small, medium and large size customers who understand that modernization is the way forward. Our Cloud migration master services let in AWS data migration, server migration, and application migration to AWS cloud.

DevOps Automation

SIDCORPTECH have trained and certified professional on delivering the DevOps projects and operations. We have worked with large customers in Fin-tech companies with best practices in terms of scalable, faster, build, deploying and securing the application and cloud infrastructure which reduces dependencies, enables operations and developers to collaborate and deliver the service faster. We deploy standardized system process and tools for the customer benefits in many ways.

Network Operating Centre

We configure 24/7 monitoring service with CloudWatch service send notifications to all our users on any platform, whether it is web or mobile on Android or iOS. Auto scaling manages a fleet of servers that are capable of supporting all the traffic that our application demands.AWS Lambda CloudWatch customizable integration is to be notified when your application logs something in CloudWatch.

Database Management And Migration

With this service, we will have dedicated instances for databases deployed in just a minute, fully managed, monitoring with failover plan and capable of supporting multiple database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Aurora, DynamoDB, etc.

AWS Disaster Recovery Service

We leverage Disaster recovery plans which meet your RTO and RPO and makes your application highly availability. Having a DR plan helps to get the organization and user operations in the event of a failure or an attack within no time. An effective DR strategy requires an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure and the perfect tools to ensure fast backup and recovery with minimum downtime and ensure your business continuity.

Storage's And Streaming Services

AWS S3 Bucket and CloudFront are the better examples of this service. S3 dedicate us easing when we lecture about data because they have an unbelievable protected infrastructure while CloudFront is creditworthy for handle all your content, hand over it, and exhibit it efficiently.

Cost Optimization

We analyze and conduct AWS resource audits to cut down the unused resources and help you to optimize the resources cost, suggestions and options available in AWS which decrease your expense over the cloud.

Our Strength

1) Optimal landing zone, access cloud suitability, security standards, cost optimized.
2) Pilot phase based on migration strategy and implementing operational frameworks.
3) Making sure on avoiding Data losses.
4) Modernizing your applications and building to transform your cloud infrastructure into flexible,
cost-effective, scalable and highly available.

Cloud Assessment

SIDCORPTECH have well experience and skill sets to give you a tailored and operational assessments that helps you to have a confidence on your Cloud infrastructure readiness. Periodical suggestion to improvise your infrastructure with Cost optimization, Highly available, maintaining security standards and compliances, secured data storage, backup and retrievals, performance tuning, real time monitoring, etc.,Our Strength:
1) Accountability on your Cloud Infrastructure.
2) Ensuring Performance and monitoring.
3) Backup plans and consultations.
4) Failover plans.
5) Determining the suitable infra for your applications to improve the better ROI.

EC2 for Windows

Windows on Amazon EC2 enables you to increase or decrease capacity within seconds. With the help of Anchor, you can deploy one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Over the years AWS has proven itself as the more popular cloud for Windows, and it is the right cloud platform for future-proofing your Windows-based applications. Running older Server 2008 or 2012 workloads? Reduce your security risk and ask Anchor to modernise your environments by replatforming it on AWS, building upon Well-Architected principles.

Unique Selling Point

  • We understand the customer packet size and deliver the solution within their budget.
  • We never look for a penny hence our cost would be very affordable in the global market.
  • promise our customer to deliver managed service with 15 to 60 minutes of response SLA and not letting them to wait up to 24 hours.
  • We are not reselling the cloud services, we define the solution based on the client requirement andsuggest which cloud services suites their business in terms of Application hosting, Costing,Performance etc.
  • We understand our customer pain points and analysis them with the top-notch solution whichmakes us maintain a great relationship with our valuable clients.
  • We take accountability in maintaining our customer’s cloud infrastructure which helps you to concentrate more on their business and not letting them worried about the infra part.

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