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To stay true to its goal of delivering the best-in-class services, SIDCORPTECH allied with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2018. The company later went on ahead and associated itself with Microsoft Azure too by 2020 where they have had a turnover worth 1 million dollars over 2021 so far!

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    Our Vision & Our Mission

    To be the technology partner that everyone wants to work with. By everyone, we mean our existing and future staff members, clients, partners, and vendors. We aim to retain our current employees and clients in addition to attracting new ones with our status as a phenomenal IT managed service provider.
    Our professional mission is to help our customers succeed through exceptional service. At SIDCORPTECH, we will never settle for being merely average or good in whatever we do. We aim to constantly provide our clients with exceptional service.

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    We are a well-established company that provides IT solutions to clients in diverse industries. Our team has successfully executed 150+ projects and we're eager for more opportunities.