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Looking For Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud migration services tending in the process of moving data, product applications, and other business management documents from on-premise servers to a cloud computing environment. Cloud migration services are used to move data and applications to a more effectual and unassailable environment than on-premise servers. Organizations also migrate services to the cloud to cut costs, free up server space, and cut down on computer hardware maintenance. SIDCORPTECH connects the latest AWS, Azure, technologies, our expertise and tried and tested methodologies to craft the migration approach that works for you.

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Our Services

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Recognition of how many apps need to be migrated, who uses them and how often, what tech stacks they use, and their habitation.

Migration & Testing

Rally the planned Application Migration processes, tools and teams to come across your specific requirements and documentary.


Decisive the symmetrical migration path for each application based on compute such as security, scalability, business growth plans.

Preparation & Pilot

Conjunction of the Assessment to a work plan for the whole cloud migration, running pilot migrations to reduce endangerment, and nail down the cloud architecture.


Unveiling your cloud applications, render support, performing post- migration critique, and decommissioning of certain apps, as required.


Perpetual melioration of performance, security, and compliance on the cloud
environment to ensure maximum value actualization.


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SIDCORPTECH helps our customers construct secure, repeatable and scalable cloud environments on the cloud provider of choice. Many of our customer begin with an end-to-end managed IT Portfolio Breakthrough for substructure and applications that provides detailed dependance mapping to ease migration sequencing and deriving wave groups. We can also pack workloads and perform platform at scale transformations.

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We Customize Our Cloud Solutions Based On Scalability & Integrity


Our Prowess

We Customize Our Cloud Solutions Based On Each Company Requirements

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SIDCORPTECH develops cloud-first architecture for containerized, micro services-based applications that flourish on cloud-based IT environs. Our experienced cloud architects help guarantee authentic, and future-ready migrations that get you to market faster, and help you stay in advance on the cloud. SIDCORPTECH is expertise in big data, cloud computing, and machine learning, among other subjects, to handle a breadth of migration workloads. Cognitive process-oriented approach and cross-platform capabilities across all major public cloud providers, ensuring reliable and optimal performance while migrating to any platform.


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What Is Cloud Rightsizing?

If you choose Re-Host as your cloud migration strategy, you are, in a way, promoting the workload from on-premises as it is and shifting it to the cloud. In this case, you would need excess compute and storage capacity, thus increasing the overall cost of ownership. To avoid this situation, suitable is needed, i.e., a practice to study workloads soundly to get rid of redundancies and out-of-date records.

How To Switch Over To The Cloud?

There are mainly two stages of cloud migration. Do it all at once: When you have moved the essential legacy infrastructure to the cloud and validated its success, you can shift your operations from on-premise to the cloud. Transition in Phases: Move a few customers and the in proportion to data over the cloud. See how it works and if everything seems to work just fine, move a few more until you finally move everything to the cloud.

Which Cloud Deployment Model Is The Best?

The public cloud offering flexibility and scalability through with pay-per-usage model. A private cloud is suited for administration that prioritize protection and control. Whereas the hybrid model provides the best of both worlds, performance and connectivity meantime might occur.

What Is The Best And Most Dependable Cloud Service?

The choice of a cloud migration service provider compute on your business and in operation requirements. If you are looking at for a wide range of services and tools, the AWS service for migration is advisable. If your administration primarily runs on Microsoft and Windows, Microsoft Azure is a suitable option. And if yours is a small-scale web-oriented startup that has been experimentation with simple machine learning, Google Cloud document is the right option to make.


Cloud Migrations Discovery And Analysis

We scan and assess your infrastructure to determine the best fit services based on strategic business needs.

Cloud Migration Strategy And Planning

We determine your business needs and recommend a migration strategy that will reduce risk, time & cost.

Cloud Migration Execution

We use the latest automation tools to ensure a seamless transition and stay on track with our transformation management plan.

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