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Highly Secured

JumpCloud securely handles and connects users to their IT resources.

JumpCloud changes the way IT administrators handle their organizations by providing a comprehensive and adaptable cloud directory platform. From one pane of glass, manage user individuality and resource access, secure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and get a full view of your environment.
● 100% cloud-based
● API automation and tools
● Secure directory services
● Unified device management
● SSO and user lifecycle management
● Supports Zero trust security by default
● Event logging, reporting, and monitoring
● Secure network authentication with cloud RADIUS
● Secure application and server attesation with cloud LDAP
● Directory-level integration with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Active Directory.

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We Combine Technology With Business Ideas

  • This Includes The Following:

    ● Servers: on-prem and cloud
    ● Systems: Mac, Windows, and Linux
    ● Applications: LDAP and SAML based
    ● File Storage: physical and virtual
    ● Networks: Wired and wireless via RADIUS
    ● Productivity Suites: G Suite and Office 365

  • Value Of JumpCloud

    ● Refines Control
    ● Enhances Agility
    ● Strengthens Security
    ● Eliminates Infrastructure
    ● Requires Minimal IT Staff
    ● Increases Efficiency and Productivity

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Cross Platform

DaaS provides a single window to bring together all your applications and platforms, making it easier than ever before.

Multiple Device Management

DaaS solutions give IT pros even more power to control their devices, by providing functionality and capability on a cross-platform basis.

Ease Integration

IT organizations are responsible for adding their users and the DaaS solution effectively does all of that heavy-lifting variety of configurations.

Does Jumpcloud Supports LDAP?

Yes. It supports LDAP.

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How Does JumpCloud Help Secure My Identity?

JumpCloud takes security seriously. Jumpcloud platform offers various utilities to help you secure your identity. For example, your administrator can ask you to create complex passwords with special characters and numbers. When you create or update your password, the JumpCloud platform confirms the characters you use to help make sure that you follow those standards your organization requires. Your organization may also need that you use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your User Portal or your computer, or both. MFA uses a one-time password that is generated from an application installed on your mobile phone. This app generates a second factor password that you enter with your JumpCloud password when you login to any resource that is organized to use MFA.

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What Browsers Are Currently Supported To Access My User Portal?

The User Portal supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Be sure to enable Javascript and cookies. Third-party plugins can occasionally cause issues. If you experience issues while accessing or showing your User Portal, try a private browsing window.

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What Is The Method JumpCloud Uses To Connect To Microsoft 365?

JumpCloud uses an OAuth2 token for authorization, and TLS to secure and persist its connection with Microsoft 365 to perform our integration tasks.

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Can I Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Within My Microsoft 365 Tenant?

Yes, JumpClouds Microsoft 365 directory integration can work in parallel with Microsoft 365 MFA.

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