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Managed Services Offered By SIDCORPTECH

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IAM User creation

Creation of multiple Users and manage the permissions for each of these Users
within your Account.

Deploying Service Requirements

Deploying the required services to run applications and delivering the service on time with proper documentation.

Cloud Account Creation

We SIDCORPTECH will create an Cloud Account for you and if you have an
existing account we would map under our Cloud Partner Network.

VPC Creation

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets you have a virtual web, so that you can select
your own IP address range, create your own subnets and configure your route board and network gateways.


7 Years Of Working Experience

SIDCORPTECH Responsibilities

● VPC Creation
● IAM user creation
● Incident Response
● Patch Management
● Cloud Account Creation
● Configuring Snapshot Policy
● Deploying Service Requirements
● Configuring Basic CloudWatch Monitoring
● Collecting and analyzing customer feedback
● 30 Minutes SLA Response for Standard Support (Managed support is Mandatory)

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Secure Networks

Incident Response

We respond to an incident which is an event that could lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization's operations, services or functions. We also respond based on the issues and complaints faced by clients.

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Collecting And Analyzing Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important for future product development, improving the customer experience and total customer satisfaction levels. Proper analytic thinking provides a company with a better view of what it has to change and improve on to help
increase customer commitment and reduce customer support instance.

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Configuring Basic Monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and observe service for cloud resources and the applications running. CloudWatch seamlessly integrates with various compute services on the Cloud platform, collecting logs and metrics for your apps that are running on those platforms. Basic monitoring metrics, CPU, Network Connectivity and Instance Status. Third Party Integrations can be done if required.

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Patch Management

Patch management is the process of managing operational system updates for Windows systems, that includes the installation, testing, and deployment of patches to ensure that systems are track at peak operation.


Configuring Snapshot Policy

A snapshot policy enables us to specify the snapshot creation frequency in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cycles. We will specify the maximum number of snapshots to retain for the volume to restore in case of issues.


30 Minutes SLA Response For Standard Support (Managed Support Is Mandatory)

We give Standard Support response in 30 minutes which requires a Managed support subscription. If Managed support is not subscribed only the basic queries will be resolved, such as, Disk size increase, Upgrading CPU on request basis. In Manged Support we monitor the performance of CPU, Disk Usage, HA, ECS, ECR and respond within 15 minutes of SLA.

What Are SIDCORPTECH Best Practices?

Sidcorptech's best practices include incident management, change, and problem reporting; service level commitments with regular performance reviews for employees who work on these tasks as well as those that handle more complex issues like data center continuity planning or disaster recovery plans.

Why Are Managed Services Required For Businesses?

Managed Services are a process of outsourcing your company’s responsibility to handle the required IT work. These services improve business operations and reduce costs for varied businesses which is why they're so popular!

Why Do Companies Need To Outsource Managed Services?

When you outsource your IT services to SidCorp Tech, they will help firms reduce operational costs and improve business performance. Firms have more time to focus on what makes money for the company - running its core operations!

What Is The Difference Between Backup As A Service And Disaster Recovery As A Service?

The first type of service, Backup as Services focuses on backing up and restoring client data. The second option is called Disaster Recovery services which go beyond just saving your backed-up files to include all hosted applications & systems configurations too!

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Posting Issue - Acknowledgement Post Issue Solved - Maintain Proper Client Node - On Time Payment - Periodic Feedback

On-Time Payment

We request you to make payment on time to avoid suspension of account from OEM.

Posting Issues

Posting your queries and issues via Telegram or sending email with proper
screenshot is appreciated.

Periodic Feedback

Your feedback is our energy booster to give you on-time support and to improvise
ourselves in terms of delivering support.

Reasonable Internet Speed

Having reasonable internet speed is highly important to access application without any issues.


We request you to acknowledge once the issue or query is resolved with your
suggestions to improve our support is valued.

Maintain Proper Client Node

We recommend using proper client nodes to connect to the application, which has a licensed version of Antivirus, regular windows updates. Which will minimize the risk of virus, DDOS and Brut-force attacks to server.

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