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Store Your Data Securely In Your Own Private Cloud

Everyone has easy access to their files, photos and documents to work and can share and collaborate with team members, customers and partners. And IT knows nobody besides those they shared with has access to those data files


● Real time sync and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere and anytime.
● Data encryption capability and built in rule based file access control. Strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection, etc.
● Access data from FTP, Network drives, Data sharepoint, NFS and object storage. Simple integrations and configurations at lower cost and lower risk.
● Enhance your team productivity, collaboration and real time notifications of shares or comments on mobile devices.
● Microsoft office compatible files and wide range of productivity tools.
● File locking helps users preclude conflicts with colleagues who are trying to edit the same files. While office documents and notes can be edited in real time in the browser, some data files have to be downloaded to be edited. Lock the file and collisions are avoided! Other users can easily reach you in chat or by a comment to enquire what is going on.
● Administrator can control and direct the flow of data between users, groups, file properties and user permission to access files as per the requirements.
● It enables us to share and receive the files securely among vendors, customers,etc and can enable password protection.
● Designed with compliance in mind, providing extended data policy enforcement, encryption, user management and auditing capabilities.
● Ability to install clients in your desktop and access your data locally even in offline.
● Monitoring the performance of the Nextcloud server within Nextcloud console is possible and you can optimize as per your requirements.With the help of these extensions, many functionalities can be added, includes:

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  • Ease Access

    Get real-time sync and instant access to all your data from any device, anywhere with our state -of the art technology swiftly!

  • Data Encryption

    With a firewall, anti-virus and data encryption all in one device you'll be safe from hackers as well!

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Give your team the tools they need to be more productive, collaborate in real-time, and stay on top.

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Simple Integration

Through us you can access data from FTP, Network drives, or even object storage with simple integrations and configurations at affordable cost.

Robust Compliance

Designed for compliance, with robust data policy enforcement, encryption, user control, and auditing features to ensure data protection.

Managed Support

If you're experiencing any issues with your IT, our team is always available to help. We have an expert staff that will fix the problem 24*7 and 365 days a year!

Is Nextcloud GDPR/HIPAA Compliant?

Self-hosting is the quickest and easiest way to legal compliance with a wide variety of regulations. By retention of data on your company servers, there is no need for contracts with other companies or complicated audit procedures. You still have to obey with security and compliance requirements demanding you take suitable security measures. A Nextcloud Subscription bring security patches and consulting based on our expertise and Security Bug Bounty Program, helping Nextcloud customers to make sure this requirement is met.

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How Difficult Is Migration From Own cloud?

Migration from ownCloud to Nextcloud is easy. Our support technologists have already migrated lots of customers, including some with tens of thousands of users. We will assist you move to the Nextcloud and optimally benefit from the added scalability, features, stability, performance and security. See our migration page for more information on migration.

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Do I Have To Release The Source Code Of Systems Nextcloud Connects To?

No.Nextcloud will interact with your back-end systems over external APIs. Those systems will not become a computation work of Nextcloud just because they interact with it. Therefore you can keep the source code of your back-end systems secret and do not have to share it with anyone.

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7 Years Of Working Experience

Many Functionalities Can Be Added

● Calendars (CalDAV)
● Contacts (CardDAV)
● Streaming media (Ampache)
● Browser-based text editor
● Bookmarking service
● URL shortening suite
● Gallery
● RSS feed reader
● Document viewer tools from within Nextcloud
● Coupling to Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3
● Web analytics (Use of Matomo)
● Integration of content management systems e.g. Pico CMS
● Viewer for weather forecasting
● Viewer for DICOM
● Viewer for maps
● Managing of cooking recipes

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